PawZ Natural Rubber Dog Boots Review

PawZ Natural Rubber Dog Boots are a unique and innovative solution to protecting your pup when outside. They’re flexible and durable rubber boots made from natural materials that help protect their paw pads from hot pavement, sharp objects, rough terrain, snow, ice, mud, salt, and more. Plus, they’re easy to put on and take off!

What are PawZ Dog Boots?

These are not traditional dog boots. They are designed to be worn a few times and then disposed of. They are made of natural, 100% biodegradable rubber. One of my favorite thing about these boots is that they are completely waterproof, not just water-resistant.

PawZ dog boots are made of natural biodegradable rubber and look a bit like deflated balloons before they are put on. Because of the oversize neck needing to stretch over your dog’s foot, it may take some practice for you to be able to get them on. Your pup will have to stay somewhat still while you do it.

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Why we purchased PawZ Natural Rubber Dog Boots

We’re spending the winter in Texas working as Gate Guards in the oil fields. The site we’re located at near San Antonio is on a freshly made road. When they built the road and installed the parking area for our RV it was created with a mixture of dirt and rock. The problem with the material is that it is either dusty when it’s dry or muddy when it’s wet.

We had been on site for about a week when we got our first rain. It rained cats and dogs all day. We probably got a good inch of rain or more.

After that rain, we had mud everywhere! Dogs were no help. Without a good area to walk our dogs Ruby and Sierra we were forced to walk them in the mud around our site. We were having to wash their feet and dirt was all up in their pads. Living full-time in an RV we’re kind of at the mercy of the weatherman.

The mud is thick, sticky, and hard to remove. Going in and out of our motorhome is required while performing our job of opening the gate for trucks heading to the oil well. Entering tracks the mud into our RV. One thing we hadn’t planned on is how bad the mud would be. We weren’t well prepared when we arrived and didn’t have muck boots for us or our dogs.

Cleaning the floors in our motorhome twice, or more, times a day we quickly realized we needed to do something different to keep our home clean during these muddy days.

First thing was to get boots for us and the girls. For us, we got some overboots that we could put on and take off easily as we go in and out of our RV.

Previously we had hiking boots for our girls. The problem we ran into was that their dewclaws would rub on the boots and create sores. Shortly after getting them, we got rid of them. Since we absolutely need something to keep their feet clean, now, boots are a necessity. We started looking for something simple and hopefully something that wouldn’t cause sores on our dog’s feet.

Discovering PawZ Dog Boots we thought they would be exactly what we were looking for. They are perfect for what we needed. Being waterproof they keep the water and mud off our dog’s feet.

We’re fortunate we have easy-going dogs, so putting them on was a breeze. Girls went outside for potty and playtime. The boots stayed on perfectly. When they came back in, slipped off the boots easily.

If you’ve ever seen dogs walk in boots it can be a hilarious event. Pawz is the most natural-feeling boot your dog can wear because without padding your dog feels the ground, providing a needed sense of security.

The PawZ Rubber Dog Boots work as they should keeping Ruby and Sierra’s feet clean so we don’t trash our motorhome. We absolutely recommend these!!!

While they will last for multiple wearings, these boots aren’t going to last as long as traditional cloth or rubber dog boots. They’re designed to be disposable. PawZ boots are made from natural rubber that is environmentally friendly and 100% percent biodegradable

Once we take the boots off and bring the dogs back inside, the boots are easy to clean with just a bit of water.

Then just lay them out to dry.

How are PawZ dog boots measured?

When shopping for PawZ Dog Boots, you want to make sure that your pup’s paws have the perfect fit. To do this, there are some simple guidelines for taking paw measurements that will help you choose the correct size boots for your canine companion.

Measure Your Dog’s Paw Length.

The first step in determining the size of your pet’s PawZ Dog Boots is to measure the length of their paw. Use a ruler or flexible measuring tape to get an accurate measurement and start with your pup standing on all four legs. Place the measuring tape just above the edge of your dog’s nails (but not covering them) and measure down to the edge of their heel pad. This is your pup’s paw length. Remember to write down this measurement as you’ll need it later when choosing a size.

Compare to the PawZ Sizing Chart.

Now that you have taken your pup’s paw measurements and written them down, it’s time to see which PawZ Dog Boots size fits them best. To do this, look at the PawZ Sizing Chart and compare your pup’s paw length measurement to the sizes listed on the chart. This should give you an accurate estimate of what size PawZ Dog Boots will fit them perfectly.

PawZ Dog Boots Size Chart

PawZ dog boots are available in 7 sizes from tiny to extra-large. They can fit a dog with paws measuring 1″-5″. They’re also available in 7 colors, black, and camo.

How long can dogs wear PawZ?

While it is safe to wear PawZ for up to 8 hours at a time, you should check on them regularly and replace them when necessary. Make sure you are wiping the PawZ clean after each use, as dirt and grime can accumulate causing irritation or even an infection in your dog’s paws. Monitor for any signs of discomfort as well – if your pup starts licking their paws or limping, take off the PawZ and inspect their paw pads for problems.

During the most active part of their day, consider taking breaks to let your pup rest without their PawZ on or switching back and forth between wearing PawZ and going without them. This will give them a chance to air out their paws while still enjoying safe protection while walking or running around.

Does PawZ cut off circulation?

These boots fit snugly, but not so tight as to obstruct blood flow. They are not to be left on while your dog is resting or sleeping.

Other boots to consider


If you need to protect your dogs feet, PawZ Natural Rubber Dog Boots are a great choice. They protect your pets paw pads from hot pavement, sharp objects, rough terrain, snow, ice, mud, salt, and more.

Thank you for taking the time to read our article. Do you use PawZ Rubber Dog Boots? Have they helped keep your dog’s paws safe on walks? Let us know in the comments below!

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