How To Make Money While Traveling In An RV

Full-time RVing is not as cheap as some people make it out to be and you do need to have some type of income to get by in this lifestyle. One question we see over and over again on Facebook and other platforms is, How to make money while traveling in an RV? We had … Read more

Flat Towing a Jeep Wrangler

Flat Towing a Jeep Wrangler

There are many choices when thinking about RVing. What type of RV to get is sometimes dependent on the vehicle you have. We already had a paid off 2013 2 Door Jeep Wrangler Rubicon we didn’t want to necessarily get rid of to buy something that would tow a trailer or 5th wheel we would … Read more

Wilderness-Montana Hybrid RV Mattress Review

Montana Hybrid RV Mattress Review

We looked at a lot of RV’s before finally making our decision to go with our Thor Challenger 37YT Class A Motorhome. Most if not all the RV’s we looked at had mattresses that were less than comfortable. We were initially surprised by the Denver Mattress that Thor put in their motorhomes. While still on … Read more

2021 Wrap Up – Year in Review

2021 Wrap Up

Even though the Covid-19 pandemic has still been effecting the country, 2021 turned out to be a pretty great year for us. We think back to 2020 when the pandemic hit how nervous we were with not knowing what was coming ahead. With 2021 we basically went back to normal living but see a lot … Read more

Trip Planning for RV Living – RV Life Pro

As a full time RVer or even a weekend warrior, RV trip planning is highly recommended, at least to some extent. There is nothing quite like hitting the open road in your RV without a care in the world. But just because you are heading out footloose and fancy-free, does not mean you should wander … Read more

Thanksgiving Dinner in an RV

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and this leaves many RVers wondering what they will do for Thanksgiving dinner. Yes, it is possible to have a Thanksgiving dinner in your RV. With less counter space, a smaller oven, a smaller sink, and a smaller fridge, many may see cooking a large meal like Thanksgiving dinner … Read more

Workamping 3.0 Yellowstone Grizzly RV Park, West Yellowstone, Montana

Initially we looked at staying in the Yellowstone area for the summer, but discovered it would cost us about $10,000 just for camping. That was way out of our budget so we decided if we were going to spend a summer in Yellowstone we would need to do it by Workamping. During our Workamping gig … Read more

2020 RVing Wrap-Up

2020 was a tough year for everyone! Being on the road when the pandemic hit with the uncertainty of where we would stay made the first few weeks particularly stressful. We heard of campgrounds closing and even had a couple of our planned stops canceled. Family and friends offered places to park but we only … Read more

Workamping 2.0 JCPenney Distribution Center Reno, NV

With our summer Workamping gig in Lake Tahoe coming to an end we started looking for a winter job somewhat close by. We contacted and applied to a few jobs in California, Oregon, and Nevada. A few places responded to our applications but nothing that really interested us. JCPenney Distribution Center contacted us saying they … Read more

Super Slow Mo – Slow Postings

Slow Internet Ahead

We’ve been staying in Fallen Leaf Campground near South Lake Tahoe for nearly a month now. The cell and internet service is poor at best. Everything here is slower than dial up, you might say Super Slow Mo! I keep thinking I’m going to hear those chirps, clicks and beeps of my computer connecting to … Read more