Kayaking Oregon – Siltcoos Canoe Trail

Kayaking Oregon – Siltcoos Canoe Trail

We planned on Kayaking Oregon as much as possible during our visit to the state. One of our favorite outdoor activities is kayaking and on the Oregon Coast, we knew there were a number of beautiful lakes as well as the Siltcoos Canoe Trail to get out on. With over a dozen lakes … Read more

Wash Wax ALL Review – How to Clean Your RV When Washing Isn’t Allowed

Early on in our RVing life, we discovered that our new motorhome needed to be washed but most campgrounds don’t allow “self-washing” of vehicles, including RVs. They will happily provide a list of authorized mobile RV wash services, but that can be quite expensive and really, if you’re anything like we are, no … Read more

Full Time RVing With Dogs

Full Time RVing With Dogs

When we first thought about getting our motorhome one of our main concerns was what would it be like Full Time RVing With Dogs. With two nearly 70 lbs chocolate labs, one of the deciding factors on what RV to purchase was made with thoughts of how much room they take up. If … Read more

Blackstone Tailgater Combo

Sautéed Mushrooms with Caramelized Onions

I love grilling on our Blackstone Tailgater. The versatility of the grill and griddle combo allows a whole meal to be cooked at the same time. One of our favorite things to cook on the grill side is a nice steak.  And nothing goes better with a nice steak than Sautéed Mushrooms with … Read more

Joseph Joseph Kitchenware – Saving Space by Design

Space is at a premium when living in an RV. Everything you have takes up valuable space. Nowhere is it more important to find items that save that space than in the kitchen. When we were looking for space-saving kitchen items for our new motorhome we stumbled across Joseph Joseph Kitchenware. Joseph Joseph’s … Read more

Riding Out The Coronavirus Pandemic In An RV

One day you’re living a dream lifestyle traveling the country and seeing all the amazing sights it has to offer. Then the next you’re hearing “Stay at Home” orders from the state. What if you don’t have a “Home”? At least a normal home. What if you live in an RV and they … Read more

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