Gate Guarding Supplies

Gate Guarding Supplies

When Gate Guarding in the oil fields of Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, or Colorado there are a few items you’ll be required to provide and some nice-to-have items to make your lives easier. Below is our list of Gate Guarding Supplies we’ve found beneficial to doing a good job in the oil fields. Gate … Read more

Top Things To Do San Antonio

There are plenty of Things to do in San Antonio. It is a bustling city full of life and culture highly influenced by the Hispanic and Latinx communities. The city offers a wonderful touristic experience! Although the traffic is terrible, there is a lot of culture and fun things to do here. It’s not a … Read more

Playing Chicken Shit Bingo at The Little Longhorn Saloon

The Little Longhorn Saloon is a cozy dive bar. Great for music, two-stepping, and a few beers. Less great for the crowds that come for bingo. For over 40 years Little Longhorn Saloon has hosted some of Austin’s best live music, featuring honky-tonk country, folk, rockabilly, and good ol’ rock and roll. More than 10 … Read more

Cheyenne Big Boot Trail

When looking for things to do when visiting towns we always like it when they have some sort of trail to follow. The trails are great ways to learn your way around town and see some interesting sights. Cheyenne, Wyoming has an active group of creative and talented artists that the city has embraced fully. … Read more

Dining at The Big Texan Steak Ranch

Approaching Amarillo from any direction you see signs for a “Free” 72-ounce Steak Dinner. They are not as far-reaching as Wall Drugs billboards but still impressive. Seeing billboards over and over makes you think it must be an excellent place to check out. And this place is. We had already heard of Big Texan Steak … Read more

Hiking Palo Duro Canyon State Park (Lighthouse Trail)

Grand Canyon of Texas Nicknamed the Grand Canyon of Texas, Palo Duro Canyon lies in the heart of the Texas Panhandle. It is the second-largest canyon in the United States and an absolutely fantastic place to visit. Location and Directions The park is located about 12 miles east of Canyon on State Highway 217. From … Read more

Visiting Jack Sisemore RV Museum – Amarillo, Texas

In Amarillo, Texas vintage trailers, motorhomes, motorcycles, and racing come together at the Jack Sisemore RV and Motorsports Museum. The free museum offers nostalgia alongside historically significant RVs, race cars, and motorcycles. Jack Sisemore started with a gas station. Over the years, he added rental motorhomes and grew his business into the massive RV dealership, … Read more

Visiting Cadillac Ranch

Cadillac Ranch is probably one of the most overrated places we’ve been to during our three-plus years on the road, but it’s one of those places you must do when in the area. There are so many interesting places along Route 66. Cadillac Ranch is just one of many in the Amarillo area you must … Read more

Hiking Yellowstone National Park – Rabbit Creek Hot Springs

Rabbit Creek Hot Springs is an off-trail hike across meadows and through woodland, to a backcountry thermal area around the upper end of a short, east-side tributary of the Firehole River. About 40 major hot springs, of varying colors and activity levels, are in the area. Lisa saw a post on Facebook about an amazing … Read more

Fly Fishing Yellowstone National Park – Madison River

Yellowstone and the area surrounding it is a fly-fishing paradise. Nowhere in the world are there so many public rivers, lakes, and streams found in such a small area. One of Yellowstone Parks’ largest rivers, the Madison is viewed by millions of visitors each year as it winds along the West Entrance Road.   What … Read more