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One of the easiest and best upgrades we made was to install JK Pockets on our 2013 Jeep 2 Door Wrangler. The original net pockets on Jeeps are terrible. They quickly stretch out and hang around all out of shape. It’s one thing Jeep should take note of, their door nets suck! I hated the useless saggy nets, which just got saggier and hung lower every time I put something in them.

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It’s easy to love pretty much everything about Jeeps. They are so easy to upgrade and modify to your own specifications. The amount of Cool Jeep Stuff out there for your Jeep is so amazing. JK Pockets are one of our top recommended quick upgrades. Easy to install and the pockets look natural, making a nice interior accent.


JK Pockets™ are the first real door pockets for Jeep Wrangler JK’s. Replace the door and dash netting in your Wrangler and install JK Pockets™ for a useful and awesome-looking replacement. Need a place for cell phones? The dash pocket is the perfect spot for two phones.

They designed their door pockets so they can be installed by anyone. No need to remove door panels. Simply cut out the netting and the pocket will pop right in with no tape or screws needed.

All JK Pockets™ are handmade in Southern California!


  • Aircraft grade plastic – extremely durable and scratch resistant
  • Quick and easy 5 minutes install per pocket
  • Tight pressure fit; no tape required
  • 45-degree forward-edge angle for excellent foot deflection
  • Optimized depth to not be obtrusive
  • Easy to clean with a wet cloth or your favorite interior detailer
  • Works with both automatic and manual transmissions

Kit Includes

  • Lower Dash Pocket
  • Driver Front Door Pocket
  • Passenger Front Door Pocket

The 4-Door Version comes with rear door pockets also.


Installation is really easy. The hardest part is starting to cut the net knowing you can’t go back if you’re not happy. But we’re totally happy with the JK Pockets.

  1. Cut out the original netting
  2. Snap-in JK Pockets (that’s it)

Installation of JK Pockets requires permanent removal of the factory-installed netting. Once the netting is removed it can only be replaced by purchasing new OEM parts and having them installed by a dealer.


We’ve had our JK Pockets for over a year and they are great! We went with the solid black pockets that match our interior perfectly. We’re so happy to be rid of the saggy netting Jeep uses on their doors.

Thank you for reading our article. If you have any comments or questions we’d love to hear from you below.

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    • Hi Charles,

      Yeah unfortunately it looks like they are trying to get up and running again. We really like the JK Pockets, its too bad if they didn’t make it. Here is their Facebook site that has some information on it. https://www.facebook.com/slickrockgear/

      There are others similar hard pockets on Amazon and other sellers. I would stay away from any that have what looks like a cup holder on them. I had a friend buy those and they said their leg always hit the cup holder part since it sticks out too far. Best of luck finding something to replace the crappy netting.



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