Thetford Aqua Magic Style II Toilet Vacuum Breaker Repair

There is always seems to be something in an RV that needs repaired, replaced, or worked on. Our toilet has leaked for a few months now. It wouldn’t happen all the time but when you’d press the pedal down partway to fill the bowl you could hear the water hitting the floor. We discovered the Vacuum Breaker was leaking on our Thetford Aqua Magic Style II Toilet.

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Vacuum Breaker Replacement

Replacing the vacuum breaker on the Thetford Aqua Magic Style II Toilet is one of the easiest jobs you could ask for. It should take you no longer than 30 minutes including removing and replacing the toilet to complete this task.

Tools Needed:

  • Pliers
  • 1/2″ Combination Wrench
  • Towels

Parts Needed:


  1. Turn off the water in your RV and open a valve at a sink to drain any residual pressure.
  2. Press the foot pedal all the way down to flush the water from the bowl.
  3. Remove the water hose that attaches to the back of your toilet.
  4. If your toilet has caps over the mounting bolts remove them and set them aside.
  5. Remove mounting nuts.
  6. Carefully lift the toilet from the flange and move it to a place to perform the vacuum breaker replacement. (We chose our shower.)
  7. Using plyers grip the hose clamp on the lower hose from the vacuum breaker and slide it away from the toilet.
  8. Pull the hose off the toilet.
  9. Next grip the hose clamp behind the vacuum breaker that goes into the toilet and slide it toward the breaker.
  10. Pull the hose off the toilet and the vacuum breaker should come free.
  11. Using the parts in the kit install the new hoses and clamps to the vacuum breaker.
  12. Reinstall the vacuum breaker in reverse order.
  13. Change out the toilet flange seal on the bottom of the toilet.
  14. Reinstall the toilet in reverse order ensuring not overtighten nuts.

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This super easy repair item is something you shouldn’t be afraid to do yourself if you’re an RVer. It only takes a few minutes to remove and replace a leaking vacuum breaker. Give it a shot if yours is leaking.

Have you had to repair your RV toilet? What did you need to do? Thank you for taking the time to read this article. If you have any questions or comments please post them below.

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