• Uranus Fudge Factory: Where Humor Meets Sweetness
    Every mile is a memory, and some memories are just sweeter – especially when they involve fudge from Uranus Fudge Factory! The best fudge comes from Uranus! As full-time RVers, Lisa and I are no strangers to stumbling upon or searching out unique destinations. This one is absolutely one of … Read more
  • Spotless and Spectacular: The Story of a Rare Giraffe
    Imagine a giraffe without its iconic spots. This isn’t a scene from a fantasy novel but a reality at Brights Zoo in Limestone, Tennessee, where a rare spotless giraffe has captured the hearts of visitors. As RV travelers and wildlife photography enthusiasts, this extraordinary event holds special significance for us … Read more
  • Forrest Gump Trail – Beaufort, South Carolina
    On our travels, we always look for neat, out-of-the-way locations. While we were staying near Beaufort, South Carolina we learned that Forrest Gump was filmed in the area. At the Frampton Plantation Visitor Center, we found out there is a Forrest Gump Trail, a cinematic adventure that will transport you … Read more
  • Louisiana Airboat Swamp Tour
    I’ve always wanted to go on an airboat swamp tour. When I was a kid in the 1970s I would watch reruns of the TV show Gentle Ben after school. The show primarily revolved around the adventures of a young boy named Mark Wedloe (played by Clint Howard) and his … Read more
  • New Orleans Swamp Tour: An Intimate Encounter with Nature
    Exploring the vibrant ecosystem of New Orleans is an unforgettable experience that offers a unique blend of natural beauty and cultural richness. One of the best ways to fully immerse yourself in this captivating environment is through a swamp tour. With its stunning landscapes and diverse wildlife, a New Orleans … Read more

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