Hiking Yellowstone National Park – Rabbit Creek Hot Springs

Hiking Yellowstone National Park Rabbit Creek Hot Springs

Rabbit Creek Hot Springs is an off-trail hike across meadows and through woodland, to a backcountry thermal area around the upper end of a short, east-side tributary of the Firehole River. About 40 major hot springs, of varying colors and activity levels, are in the area. Lisa saw a post on Facebook about an amazing … Read more

Fly Fishing Yellowstone National Park – Madison River

Yellowstone and the area surrounding it is a fly-fishing paradise. Nowhere in the world are there so many public rivers, lakes, and streams found in such a small area. One of Yellowstone Parks’ largest rivers, the Madison is viewed by millions of visitors each year as it winds along the West Entrance Road.   What … Read more

Being Bear Aware – Hiking in Bear Country

It is an exhilarating opportunity to watch bears and cubs forage, play, wrestle, and sleep in their natural habitat. Whether you are hiking, biking, camping, fishing, hunting, or even rafting in bear country, it’s important to know what to do, or not do, when you encounter a bear. All of Yellowstone is bear habitat—from the … Read more

Things To See and Do With Yellowstone National Park Closed

On June 13, 2022, Yellowstone National Park experienced the worst flooding in recorded history. Said to be a 500-year flood the rushing waters took out the North Entrance Road between Mammoth and Gardiner. Also, part of the Northeast Entrance Road between Soda Bute and Pebble Creek Campground was wiped out as well as other sections … Read more

Hiking Yellowstone National Park – Trout Lake

Spending the 2021 summer working in West Yellowstone, Montana we got a lot of time in Yellowstone National Park, but we didn’t do a lot of hiking as we planned. So for 2022, we made a point to spend more time hiking the trails in the area. Our first time through Lamar Valley this year … Read more

Hiking Petroglyph National Monument

Petroglyph National Monument protects one of the largest petroglyph sites in North America. It features designs and symbols carved onto volcanic rocks by Native Americans and Spanish settlers 400 to 700 years ago.  Petroglyphs are ancient rock carvings created by striking the basalt boulders directly with a hammerstone removing the dark, desert varnish on the … Read more

Avoiding Yellowstone Crowds – Off The Beaten Path

Anyone that has been to Yellowstone or any National Park recently knows that crowds have grown exponentially over the last few years and especially since Covid-19. Long lines and wait times are now the norm at all the popular locations. So what can you do to avoid the crowds and still enjoy the National Parks? … Read more

Top 10 Things We Saw in Yellowstone National Park

For Summer 2021 we decided that the Yellowstone area would be a fun place to stay and explore everything we can. Yellowstone National Park is our favorite park. With the wildlife, the geysers, and geological features there is nowhere more interesting. Here are our top 10 things we saw in 2021. Note: Some of the … Read more

Jurassic National Monument – Elmo, Utah

Jurassic National Monument, at the site of the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry, is well-known for containing the densest concentration of Jurassic dinosaur fossils ever found. The 2453-acre National Monument was created in 2018 to ensure the protection of the dinosaur quarry and surrounding areas. After watching the videos of this National Monument I was so excited … Read more