RVing With Dogs-The Worst Thing About RVing With Dogs

The Worst Thing About RVing with Dogs

One of the best things about traveling in a motorhome is the ability to bring your pet along with you for the ride. But when the weather turns nasty and the rain starts to fall, your dream trip can quickly turn into the Worst Thing About RVing With Dogs! We love our dogs more than … Read more

RVing with Dogs – Flea, Tick, and Heartworm Prevention While Traveling

When traveling with dogs you end up in places you’re not always familiar with. While living in Las Vegas we didn’t have to worry much about fleas, ticks and mosquitoes so the need for preventative measures wasn’t needed. But now that we’re traveling, our dogs are on flea/tick and heartworm medications to keep them safe … Read more

RVing with Dogs – Nail Trimming

Keeping your dog’s nails short and smooth is not only safer for them, but can limit accidental injuries or damage to furniture, bedding, and your RV. Like any other grooming needed we always had to find someplace or someone to do the work. Do you cringe every time you use nail clippers to cut your … Read more

RVing with Dogs – Safe Swimming in Lakes, Rivers, and Oceans

Swimming is a fun way for your dog to get great exercise. We love taking our dogs swimming during the hot summer months! They’ve enjoyed trips to lakes and rivers as well as the beach and always enjoy swimming. Well at least Sierra enjoys swimming. Ruby isn’t much of a swimmer, but more of a … Read more

RVing with Dogs – What to do with Fido when you’re away from the RV

We love life on the road and traveling in our RV. It is a fun lifestyle and one we enjoy with our dogs Sierra and Ruby, two chocolate labs. At 65-70 pounds each, neither are exactly “travel-sized,” but we love spending time with them. In fact, they played a major role in our decision to … Read more